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Zinc Urban Apartment on Street 240

By: Admin Posted: November-30-2017 in

Zinc on Street 240 welcomes you to a haven of calm and repose. Zinc is a boutique establishment with only 4 apartments. It provides a holistic concept, a space with an abundance of light and greenery. Zinc apartments afford a feeling to let you relax while staying in central Phnom Penh. Zinc offers full services with daily cleaning schedules.

Exceptional apartment on Street 240

By: EAS Admin Posted: November-29-2016 in
EAS Admin

Apartment A52 is a substantial 5th floor residence spread over two bedrooms – 1 double and one single, a massive open plan living area and kitchen with a dining set, washing machine, hob and oven – perfect for receiving and entertaining family and friends. Very large bathroom with 2 washbasins and power rain shower.

Phnom Penh bikers take aim at prostate cancer

By: Expat Admin Posted: September-14-2016 in
Expat Admin

Now in it’s fourth year as a charity event, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is at the forefront of encouraging men to take responsibility for their health, get checked and seek support in time of need. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and the Movember Foundation both share this common goal of giving more life to our fathers, sons, brothers and friends.

POTW: Two modern apartments in Tonle Bassac

By: POTW Editor Posted: November-27-2015 in
POTW Editor

Currently there are two, two bedroom apartment available now in popular Tonle Bassac. This exceptional property blends stylish, sleek design with modern amenities to offer superb value for money.

Cheap, Cheap: 21 reasons love-struck writers should lay off the coconuts

By: Robert Starkweather Posted: May-02-2015 in
Robert Starkweather

A recent Global Post article fell in love with our fair capital for its cheap coconuts, cheap housing and cheap beer. And while low-cost she may be, it’s quality, not price, that makes Phnom Penh more than just a cheap thrill.

Zino: All around the world

By: The Advisor Posted: April-25-2015 in
The Advisor

When French novelist, poet and playwright Jules Verne packed fictional adventurer Phileas Fogg off to circumnavigate the planet, it was to be a full 80 days before the rascal returned from his mission. Amateur!

Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay), Kep...Skip Sihanoukville and Visit Paradise for a Weekend

By: Amber Posted: April-22-2015 in

Most Tourists and even expats that I know head for Sihanoukville (Kampong Som) when they want to get away to the beach for the weekend. However, I find it too crowded, too noisy, and too full of obnoxious tourists

Rekindling the fire

By: Greta Kite-Gilmour Posted: April-19-2015 in
Greta Kite-Gilmour

At first glance, Lomorpich Rithy seems like your average uni kid. Casually dressed, well-spoken and congenial, she eagerly rattles off her latest projects with bubbly enthusiasm. Yet, as she further delves into her vision with a

Beachside oasis on the coast of Cambodia

By: Greta Kite-Gilmour Posted: April-11-2015 in
Greta Kite-Gilmour

Stepping through the enormous wooden gates into Knai Bang Chatt resort, visitors are instantly transported to an altogether different world. A winding stone pathway will guide you to the reception area, where upon your arrival you will be greeted by smiling, fully English-speaking staff, and presented with a cool washcloth and fresh

About great coffee and ghastly company

By: The Advisor Posted: March-19-2015 in
The Advisor

"Meet me at E&M Café in five minutes,” the high-pitched, brutish voice tells me. I hang up the phone and stare blankly over the rail of my balcony. I didn’t want to resort to such low methods. Indeed, this was the last course of action I was willing


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