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10 Reasons to Fall in LOVE with Cambodia

Amber Ray

When I first started out on my trip to Cambodia, I had planned to see Angkor Wat and then head back to my home in Bangkok. Instead, I ended up falling completely and hopelessly in love with Cambodia! My planned couple of days turned into weeks, which then turned into a whole month, and I was still sad to go. It remains my absolute favorite country I’ve visited thus far, and I can’t wait for a chance to return! I’ve decided to compile my ultimate top 10 reasons to fall in love with Cambodia… so what are you waiting for?!

Getting around corruption anyway I can

Eric Gonzalez

I was the Director of an Anti-Poverty program and all of my staff were convinced I needed to pay a bribe. They all gave me my opinions on how much I needed to pay. 30% of the overall value and a bottle of Jack Daniels was the consensus. I ignored their advice and when the goods arrived I headed down to the seaport city of Sihanoukville and started on my task of getting my goods through without paying a bribe. I had the paperwork that said I didn’t have to pay, I was well dressed, I was sure of myself, and I had no clue what I was doing.

Touring the White Building

Sophie Mensdorff

Almost every Phnom Penh expat knows the White Building, the sub-standard apartment building (some call it a slum) on Sothearos Boulevard, opposite Meta House. Most people have walked past; some might even have taken pictures of the building, built by Cambodia’s famous architect Vann Molyvann. However, very few actually go inside. The reasons are obvious: it is run down and doesn’t look safe. The building is said to house prostitution and drugs, and at night it’s a meeting place for gangs.

Economic and Financial Markets Latest News

Paul Dodd

What happens in the global economy and the international financial markets affects us all. Events on Wall Street and movements in commodity prices may seem remote and distant from our lives here in Cambodia but the fact is if you are a saver, have a pension or other investments these things are fundamental to how our investments perform.

Making the most of an inheritance

Paul Dodd - Infinity Financial Solutions

What do you do if you receive an inheritance?
Paul Dodd takes a look at the what to do, and what to avoid, when receiving any kind of financial windfall.

Investing inheritance money wisely can help secure your financial future

A friend of mine whose entire salary is usually spent on necessities before it is even earned, recently inherited a sizeable sum of money from a deceased relative. Not being used to having any disposable income left after the essentials are covered, she was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it and asked my advice.

Everything is coming up Rosés

Darren Gall

I’m calling it; Rosé wines are now officially trendy in Phnom Penh, the drink de rigueur for fashionistas, theatre goers and pretty young things.

I know this, because rosé here is no longer merely a single entry on a handful of wine lists, it is on virtually every wine list in town, many are listing several and more than a few are offering it by the glass.

An encounter at The Vine Retreat


...So I pull the pin on my family friendly accommodation in Kampot and escape to the hills near Kep. I end up at the Vines retreat which came recommended by another hotel guest in Phnom Penh. I arrive at the remote location, an hour’s tuk tuk ride from Kampot and marvel at the lush, mountainous surrounds.

Nothing dull about this Common Tiger

Poppy McPherson

I love asparagus. I adore panacotta. It has never occurred to me to combine the two.

Last week I discovered the result: asparagus panacotta, mint-green and wobbling on the plate.

South of the border: Tex-Mex and the City

Emily Wright

It's a rare thing for a dining experience to be one you’re sure you’ll never forget. But this was the case with Cocina Cartel – incidentally not for the food, but for the monsoonal rain that flooded the road, forcing us to stay inside after finishing our meal and knock back the numerous cocktails on offer, before finally giving up at about 11pm and wading knee-high through the flood water.

Flipping fantastic: the French pancake seller who hit upon an old tradition

Molyka Rom

On the left side of the pavement on Street 149, across from Baktouk Primary School, where schoolchildren from all over the country come to take extra classes, you can find an unusual couple with a very unusual business enterprise.


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