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  • Members Only: Bangkok’s Penis Temple

    Tim Russell

    If you want temples, Bangkok’s got ‘em – from famous landmarks such as the spectacular Wat Phrakeo & Wat Arun, to lesser known but equally beautiful temples like Wat Samphanthawongsaram Worawiharn & the Erewan Shrine, there are noteworthy temples tucked away in virtually every corner of the city. But few are quite as well hidden or mysterious as the Chao Mae Tuptim shrine, aka the Penis Temple.

  • Bahasa Indonesia

    Rahdian Saepuloh

    The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia (literally, “the language of Indonesia”). It is the language that unifies the world’s fourth most populous country – a country comprised of 18,000 islands and inhabited by 350 ethnic groups speaking 750 native languages and dialects. Bahasa Indonesia, a standardised version of Malay, is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin, English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic).

  • Ian Woodford, the man behind Maxine’s

    Robert Starkweather

    Ian Woodford, a throwback to the country’s bygone Untac era and a tall, wiry character whose colourful Australian language and endless Cambodian anecdotes were a cherished and longstanding part of Phnom Penh expatriate lore, died on May 23 in Sydney. He was 56.

    The cause was complications following lung surgery, his daughter Maxine said.

  • Snow - City of Ghosts Revisited

    Bronwyn Sloan

    It is with a sad heart that we heard today that our good friend Ian "Snow" Woodford has passed away.

    You will be missed Snow.


    As expats living in Phnom Penh, many of us learn to separate the artificial from the authentic.

    For better or worse, there's something about Cambodia that strips away artifice, and exposes raw character.

    An Australian living in Cambodia for close to 15 years, Ian Woodford, better known as 'Snow' (because he grew up in New South Wales' Blue Mountains) is one such raw character.

  • Snow on the Tonle Sap

    Bronwyn Sloan

    When Australian Aboriginal art meets Angkor, the result is stunning. From within a myriad of perfect dots, a jumble of Hanuman monkey warriors emerge in the shape of a sacred elephant storming to battle, its feet floating on a carpet of flowers and stars. Each flower alone is formed from at least four tiny dots of brightly coloured paint. Ian 'Snow' Woodford's work is even more remarkable because the working class Australian boy from Sydney is colour-blind.

  • Australia-Cambodia Air Services Arrangement

    Expat Admin

    Travelling between Cambodia and Australia will become easier following the signing of a new air services arrangement between our two countries.

  • Cross-Cultural Dating

    Vu Ha Kim Vy

    Having a relationship with someone from a different cultural background is fraught with difficulty.

    Can love work between couples from different language backgrounds and different cultures? If I look at the family of my older sister and of my boss, I think it can. However, it’s never easy, and making it work is far more complicated than just overcoming the issues of language and culture. For, in reality, I know that my boss and my sister have had to accept more than just their partners’ cultural traits.



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