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  • POTW: Two modern apartments in Tonle Bassac

    POTW Editor

    Currently there are two, two bedroom apartment available now in popular Tonle Bassac. This exceptional property blends stylish, sleek design with modern amenities to offer superb value for money.

  • Ardor SEO Takes Phnom Penh by Storm With Their First Webinar

    Kali Mason

    The search engine optimisation giants in Cambodia, Ardor SEO, have hosted their first webinar aimed at business owners, CEOs and potential entrepreneurs seeking to kickstart their businesses.

    Kris Reid, The Coolest Guy in SEO and CEO of Ardor SEO, hosted the prestigious webinar that attracted many to attend, along with Ardor's ASEAN Development Manager Anthony Galloway.

  • Ardor SEO - Welcome to Cambodia!

    Ardor SEO

    The search engine optimisation specialists have hit Phnom Penh. The SEO company are based near Tuol Tom Poung and BKK1 districts but deliver results to not just in Phnom Penh but across the entirety of Cambodia, Southeast Asia, and across the world.

  • Visit these places when you're in Philippines


    What to do when you are hyped for a travel? Visit Philippines!

    If you are looking for a place where nature is abundant, Philippines is one of the travel destinations you should not miss to visit. Just imagine a country that consists of 7, 107 islands for you to discover. It is going to be an overwhelming experience, isn’t it?

    Over the years, Philippines have maintained its natural beauty, which gives the tourists the reason to visit the country over and over again. Well, that is the perks you will get when Philippines is in your top travel destination.

  • Cheap, Cheap: 21 reasons love-struck writers should lay off the coconuts

    Robert Starkweather

    A recent Global Post article fell in love with our fair capital for its cheap coconuts, cheap housing and cheap beer. And while low-cost she may be, it’s quality, not price, that makes Phnom Penh more than just a cheap thrill.

  • Zino: All around the world

    The Advisor

    When French novelist, poet and playwright Jules Verne packed fictional adventurer Phileas Fogg off to circumnavigate the planet, it was to be a full 80 days before the rascal returned from his mission. Amateur!

  • Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay), Kep...Skip Sihanoukville and Visit Paradise for a Weekend


    Most Tourists and even expats that I know head for Sihanoukville (Kampong Som) when they want to get away to the beach for the weekend. However, I find it too crowded, too noisy, and too full of obnoxious tourists

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