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Pham Xuan An: The Spy Who Didn’t Love Us

By: Expat Admin Posted: January-27-2018 in
Expat Admin

Pham Xuan An was a Communist agent whose espionage adventures – under the cover story of a celebrated war correspondent in the Western media — were as brilliant for Hanoi as they were shattering for Washington during the tumultuous days of the Vietnam War.

He has been dubbed “the perfect spy” and affectionately referred to by some as “the spy who loved us”. Not quite.

Move to Cambodia: A guide to living and working in the Kingdom of Wonder

By: Robert Starkweather Posted: January-22-2013 in
Robert Starkweather

People talk about it at the water cooler, or over drinks after work. They talk about tossing it all in and buying a one-way ticket to someplace else. Maybe somewhere overseas, to some rustic third-world capital where the living is cheap and the weather is always perfect.

Matt Ames marvels at the lasting legacy of Khmer comics

By: EAS Staff Posted: December-21-2010 in
EAS Staff

After marching around the broad streets of Phnom Penh for the better part of a morning, without any real goal in mind, I decided to have a look inside a Western-style store called Pencil. There in the book section I stumbled across a handful of colorful, eye-catching pamphlets, which quickly revealed themselves as the gorgeous works of art that are Khmer comics.

Spiders, Temples and a Great Bowl of Hot Noodle Soup

By: Gabi Yetter Posted: December-21-2010 in
Gabi Yetter

I moved to Phnom Penh with my husband six months ago and thought I was pretty clued up on a lot of the good local spots to eat and explore in this region.

But, after reading Andy Brouwer’s new book, "To Cambodia With Love", I now have a host of new places to add to my list.

Meet the Tenth Dancer

By: Andy Brouwer Posted: November-28-2010 in
Andy Brouwer

A unique style of guidebook for Cambodia has just been published by ThingsAsian Press. It's called To Cambodia With Love. It lets you discover the secrets of savvy expats, seasoned travelers, and inspired locals. With its unique insights into dining, sightseeing, secret places and culture, To Cambodia With Love is a one-of-a-kind guide for the passionate traveler. In this essay from the book, the editor meets an icon of classical Cambodian dance.

Andy Brouwer Meets Cambodia's Tenth Dancer

Book review - Match Fixer

By: Andy Brouwer Posted: March-11-2010 in
Andy Brouwer

Yes I know its a football-related post but it's also a book-related post, so I've posted it here too. If you have any interest in Asian football at all, you must get a copy of Neil Humphrey's debut novel, Match Fixer. Even if you can't stand football - yes there are some people like that out there - but fancy a really good read immersed in the exotic Far East then Match Fixer will provide that too. Just treat the football as incidental.

Veiled Freedom Book Review

By: Expat Advisory Staff Posted: July-21-2009 in
Expat Advisory Staff

Naive and idealistic, relief worker Amy Mallory arrives in Kabul ready to change the world. She soon discovers that as a woman in Afghanistan, the challenges she faces are monumental. As the new security chief to the Minister of the Interior, former Special Forces veteran Steve Wilson is disillusioned to find that the country he fought to set free has fallen into its old habits of greed and corruption. Afghani native Jamil returns to his homeland seeking a job while his painful past continues to haunt him. All three search for truth . . . and for freedom . . . but at what cost?


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