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Business visa Ha Tien

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Hi All,

Just after a bit of advice as I am getting conflicting reports from various sites- I need to leave the country to get a business visa. As I will be in the Kep/Kampot area, I was thinking of going across to Ha Tien in Vietnam.

As Ha Tin is part of a special economic zone and no Vietnamese visa is required for entry into this area (as long as one doesn't leave Ha Tien) will I still be able to get a Cambodian business visa upon re-entry to Cambodia or will I have to go elsewhere where a visa is required into Vietnam (or head to Thailand)?

Anyone been through this?


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Haven't been through it but I understand from another forum that you easily do what yuo suggest. Beware though that the land border posts immigration police are more corrupt than elsewhere and you'll pay more for your visa than at the PP airport - maybe $40-$50.

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I did the visa run in May so the information may be a bit dated now. The "special economic zone" visa for Ha Tien is supposed to be free, but after a bit of "Oh, you have no visa for Vietnam," and pointing back to Cambodia interaction, $5 covered it.

The next day on my return to Cambodia and having a copy of my lease and an electric bill to prove that I was infact a resident who intends to stay, the border official asked for either a business license or a police tourist registration document.

A lot of talk about how he would have to file all kinds of complex paperwork in lieu of the requested documentation and my "offer" of a little extra to ease his burden, and voila, visa granted. Normal cost for an ordinary visa is $25. My contribution to ink and paper and the man's time $10. Priceless.

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Hi, have a nice day!
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