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Tired of getting ripped off by taxis? We have the solution!

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Yes, we are so following the articles published by several newspaper about taxi scams in Vietnam, at VN-apps we decided to create an application to help customers avoiding this kind of problems.

Taxi scams not only happen to tourists, it is also something anyone living in any country as to deal with and this is the main reason we decided to invest our time and money in creating Tappxi.

Tappxi is an app currently available for Android devices and soon for iOS. Tappxi helps people taking a taxi by allowing them to see the route the taxi driver is following and compare it with an estimated route. Tappxi can manage your complains and also translate your instructions into vietnamese.

It also displays an estimation of the price based on the distance which is very helpful to avoid being charged $30 for a ride from the airport to District 1.

Tappxi also offers information about the main cities in Vietnam and we don't stop adding new data for a complete user's experience.( Thailand, Korea, China, Indonesia, HK, UK, Spain,...)

You can download it 4 free here! We just hope to be helpful! THANKS!


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