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A very brief Q&A with Cambodia's no 1 songstress, Meas Soksophea

By: Andy Brouwer Posted: August-23-2010 in
Andy Brouwer

Meas Soksophea has been my favourite female Khmer singer for a while now, in fact since I heard her rendition of the love song What You Don't Know, which you can hear and see for yourself in the video. She also sang the theme song from the film The Red Sense, which is a beautiful song. Recently married, therefore disappointing all of her male fans in Cambodia, Sophea has been increasing her online presence in the past few months, embracing facebook and twitter with regular updates via the latter.

Chancing my arm, I sent her a message and a few questions, which she graciously responded to within 24 hours this weekend and which I repeat below. In what other country would a nation's favourite singing sweetheart reply to an email, let alone within 24 hours? My sincere thanks to Sophea.

Q. When did you record What You Don't Know?
A. My record company asked me to record it in April 2008. I sang in both English and Khmer because the Cambodian audience like mixed songs now, and other nationalities like Korean, Chinese and Indians are also doing mixed language songs. The video was shot locally in a 'green' room with 3D animation effects.

Q. Tell me about the theme song for the film, Red Sense.

A. I recorded [Svaeng Rouk Pop Tmei; aka Walk to Freedom] about 3 years ago with Phoeurk Chantha. It's a very beautiful song, but you know, I don't even have the audio anymore and I haven't even seen the film. [Note - the film score for The Red Sense was composed by Robert John Sedky and the film itself has been shown twice in Cambodia.]

Q. Can you tell me more about the recording process?
A. For many songs I just go into the studio and get it done. I don't always know exactly what film or project it's for. My job is to sing the song as well as I can though usually its for a good cause or project. I trust my studio team, a famous musical teacher here is in charge and I trust him too, he's a good person and has been in the music industry all his life. I know that if he's behind it, it will be for a great film or a good cause like to stop disease, or help with Aids or teach children to wash their hands, for example.

Q. What are your personal favourites?
A. I have many favourite songs, even many overseas songs that I've sung, it's so hard to pick. There are so many great song writers too. The most successful of my songs would have to be 1,000 nights and more recently, I Am Sorry, because I have never given my all in acting as much as I did in that video and in part 2 as well. Part 3 is soon to be released. This song was very successful and got many great reviews, which I was so pleased about.Andy's Cambodia

Source: Andy's Cambodia
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Good one andy though I prefer

Good one andy though I prefer the all khmer language songs.
My favourite at the moment is serey moon who sings oh battambong.
And the old guy who sings the second song on the sleep walking through the mekong audio CD mea samong.
I have yet to find any more of his stuff.
I have a good compilation CD in the car with a few really good songs by men and women that I hope to learn to sing.



I met her and her husband in Sihanoukville last year and they were both so friendly. My only 'claim to fame' in this country! Cheers Andy!


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