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Dispelling the myths: can expatriates adopt Cambodian children?

By: Bridie Sweetman - BNG Legal Posted: June-09-2011 in
Bridie Sweetman - BNG Legal

Adoption is a confusing process at the best of times. But in Cambodia, it’s even more so. Most people are aware of the current ban on inter-country adoption, and are surprised to discover that foreigners living in Cambodia are frequently able to adopt Cambodian children. How?

In Cambodia, as in most countries, there are two different types of adoption. The first is national adoption, where a person or couple living in the country adopts a child from the same country. The second is inter-country adoption, where a person or couple from one country adopts a child from a foreign country.

It's only for the beer money

By: Vanessa Vrdoljak Posted: December-18-2010 in
Vanessa Vrdoljak

You would think that getting on a bus and travelling from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City was pretty simple, a standard journey and only 240km apart. This would be considered child’s play back home.

However, no one journey is ever the same and each time I travel I am amazed at the scams and inconsistencies I come across.

So things to keep an eye out for:

Understanding Visas and Permits - Vietnam

By: Nick Ross Posted: September-02-2009 in
Nick Ross

No clear information is readily available on what you are entitled to if you want to visit or work in Vietnam. So, to follow is a rundown of what foreign nationals can apply for.

1) Tourist Visa Exemptions
Citizens of the following countries do not need a tourist visa to enter Vietnam.
- Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos for a stay lasting no more than thirty days

More Visa Updates - Vietnam

By: Nick Ross Posted: August-31-2009 in
Nick Ross

Based on an article published in on Thanh Nien’s website in July, it seems there is more to the problems people are now facing with visa renewal than was at first thought.

According to Ho Chi Minh City’s police department, there are presently 50,000 foreigners residing in the city. Of these, say the labour authorities, only 14,500 have work permits. As a result, writes Thanh Nien, “Labour authorities are seeking stricter measures to curb the rising number of foreign workers working in the city illegally.”

Such measures may include requiring “foreign workers to acquire a labour permit before entering Vietnam. The body also said immigration agencies should not be allowed to extend visas for foreigners working in the country without the permit.”


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