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2BR western-style apt - avail now-ish

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I'm moving out of my place in about 1 week. You can take it up ASAP or wait until the start of the month.

Its on Monivong Boulevard just near Rock Entertainment. It's $600/month.
Electricity is 1200riel/kwH (we run aircon regularly and our bill is about $100/month)
Water is a flat rate of $7 per person/month
Cable TV is $10/month, but excellent quality.
No other expenses except filling up your own gas when its emptied.

Air-con and ceiling fans in all rooms. 2BR, each with own bathroom (hot water showers).
Never any power outages in the area.

Its western style. Good reliable landlord who understands western needs.

All furnishings provided, including TV's, washing machine, gas cooker oven&stove, fridge, couches, beds and mattress, cupboards for clothes. Nice kitchen with western wooden cupboards.. not invested with ants or cockroaches like most places.

VERY secure location. (Ive been robbed at my previous houses and one of my top priorities was security. No probs here).

Room for car or motorbike parking in secured area.

ADSL internet connectivity installed and available at own cost.

Contact 012 203 941 and we can organise a look through.

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Youve been robbed at your previous houses you say,well youve been robbed at this one as well!
Water at $7 per head and electricity at 1200 riel!
When looking for a rental tell the landlord to you know what if he tries to stiff you like that.

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Its western style. Good reliable landlord who understands western needs.

ML, there are trade offs in life. I am sure people would be happy if the landlord understands western needs. People who are going to bitch about USD 7 / month for water are the same peole who wont be looking for an apartment at USD 600 per month.

Please let people post helpful information on the forums with out having to bear your cynicism each time

Chill mate

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Certainly, there are trade offs. Ive lived in both cheap and expensive Khmer style housing before.

Its nice to have somewhere that you can cook an oven roast or bake a cake, have all the modern styles of an apt without having ants or cockroaches that seem to accompany every other place Ive been. And after being robbed and burgled before I place an EXTREMELY HIGH value on safety and security, which was the predominant reason for me choosing this location.

As it turns out, at the end of the month, with rent and all utilities, all in I usually pay about $700 (and thats running air-con most of the time).


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