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Offering fulltime housekeeping/babysitting services

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My name is Nhil Sarim, 29 year female Khmer and I speak fluent English. I used to work in KL in Malaysia for an Australian family for 3 years. I'm available for fulltime, stay-in or not, housekeeping/babysitting job in Phnom Penh. I can cook Khmer, Chinese and Western dishes. I'm very reliable and hardworking.
My contact is 016521311

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Are you still available for employment? We arrived in PP less then a month ago, and I saw your post today.
Thank you

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You sound exactly what i am looking for... We need a live in housekeeper with high standard cooking skills who has had experience with Westerns... My boss is Australian. We would like to meet you at your earliest convenience, I will call you on Monday if i do not hear from you before that, thank you.
Laura 012634008


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