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Emil David Taylor
115, Street 113,
Boeng Keng Kang 2,
Phnom Penh,
Tel: +855(0)8 996 6349
Email: emiltaylor [at] gmail [dot] com


• B.Eng. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
• 4 years industry experience as Mechanical Engineer.
• Design Engineering; proficient in use of Inventor, AutoCAD and Pro-Desktop.
• Excellent interpersonal skills, flexible and internationally mobile.

Key Skills:

Project Support/Management: Co-ordinating and planning engineering activities to meet project schedule. Responsible for compiling bills of materials, drawings and specifications. Provided engineering support to customers and suppliers when required.
Team Management: Providing supervision and guidance to contractors. Allocating tasks and co-ordinating workforce to ensure timely completion of activities governed by the project schedule.
Detailed Design: Calculating ventilation and heating loads for commercial building projects, loading and stress calculations for robotic manipulators. Adhering to customer specifications and health and safety standards.
Product/Process Engineering: Conceptual design and prototyping of new robotic sub-sea cold cutting and high pressure water jetting tool manipulators, used in surface preparation and decaling operations. Performed a number of projects to streamline decaling of alumina and de-sludging of petroleum tanks, to reduce the time and cost increase safety to operational personnel.
Computer Aided Design (CAD): Proficient user of Autodesk Inventor Pro-Desktop and AutoCAD to produce detailed engineering drawings.
Computer Literacy: Highly proficient user of Windows and MS Office based software.

Employment History:

Veolia Environmental Services Bibra Lake Western Australia September 2006 to September 2008
Mechanical Engineer-Research and Development

Main Tasks:
 Design of high pressure decaling equipment and systems.
 Identification of cost effective and innovative solutions to meet client specifications.
 Project Management, Kalgoorlie BHP Nickel Smelter plumbing, HP clean pressure vessels at Alcoa Alumina Refinery.
 Design and implementation of de-sludging equipment for oil tanks within BP oil refinery.
 Ensure safety standards are met and training and work instructions are updated.
 Manager of Kalgoorlie business unit.
 Development of O&M manuals and training packages for pump and vacuum truck operation.

Global Facility Maintenance - London U.K. June 2005 to April 2006
Building Services Engineer – Mechanical and electrical installation projects-contracting

Main Tasks:
 Compiling a Bills of Material from drawings and specifications, for mechanical and electrical projects.
 Obtaining quotes from suppliers and negotiating prices.
 Produce and issue tenders to customers and contractors.
 Planning and co-ordination of the installation process, ordering materials and managing project schedule.
 Negotiating and implementing, variations to contracts.
 Producing and issuing milestone payments w.r.t final accounts.
 Production and issue of O&M manuals

Matakana Construction Services - Vancouver, Canada January - May 2005
Site Co-ordinator

Main Tasks:
 Assembling and dismantling scaffold structures.
 Co-ordinating build with client, and trades and services.
 Driving forklifts and lifters.
 Assessment of on the job Health and Safety risks.

H.E.S. Sales - Rotherham U.K. January - August 2004
On-Site Test Engineer for Pneumatic and Hydraulic Tools and Jacks

Main Tasks:
 Responsible for testing and certifying hydraulic jacks and pneumatic tools.
 Responsible for co-ordinating of testing equipment at various power stations across the UK.
 Producing risk assessments relating to on-site activities.

Strategic Technology Ltd - Hamilton, New Zealand August - November 2003
Process Engineer

Main Tasks:
 Identification of cost effective and innovative solutions to meet client specifications.
 Concept design of high capacity automated packaging equipment.
 Performing on-site trials testing at large dairy facility.

Training and Achievements:

2008- AIM Project Management Fundamentals Course, WA Australia
2008- Confined Space Entry and Working at Heights BHP (nationally accredited), WA Australia
2008- Cert 4 Modal Frontline Management, WA Australia
2007- MS Excel Productivity Modules 2, 3&4, WA Australia
2007- IBC Asia Design & Maintenance Strategies for Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks, Singapore
2006- Senior First Aid Course, WA Australia
2006- Autodesk Inventor 11 Essentials Course, WA Australia
2006- Marcsta Mine Safety Certificate, WA Australia
2005 - Water Quality Training Seminar, London England
2004 - Passport of Safety for various UK industrial sites, Sheffield England
2004 - British Energy, Safe Unescorted Access To Nuclear Sites, Hartlepool England
2001 – Sheffield Ski Village Snowboard Instructor Level 1 Qualification. Sheffield England
2001-2004 – Won 10 National level freestyle snowboard and ski competitions, UK

Associate Member – Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)


BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering - 2:2, Sheffield University, U.K (2003).
A Levels: Maths ‘C’, Design Technology ‘B’, Physics ‘C’. (2000).
10 GCSEs (1998).

Personal Details and Interests:

Date of Birth: 2nd December 1981.
Work Eligibility: British and NZ passport holder - Eligible to work in EU, New Zealand and Australia
Driving License: British and Western Australian held - Clean
Interests: My sporting interests include snowboarding, skiing, surfing and beach volleyball. I also love to travel, listen to music and socialise with friends.


Clay South: Technical Manager
4-6 Rivers Street Bibra Lake WA 6163
Telephone: +61(0)8 9418 9300

Alex Pelopidas: Managing Director. Global Facility Maintenance
Osborne House 111-113 Bartholomew Road, London NW5 2BJ
Telephone: +44 (0)207 424 3280
Ian Mckellar: Managing Director. Strategic Technology
55 Mahana Rd, Hamilton, PO Box 9037
New Zealand
Telephone: +64 (0)7 849 1294

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Interests: My sporting interests include snowboarding, skiing, surfing

you may find it a little difficult to keep up these interests in this location...otherwise good luck with the job search

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Did you find work?

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Too qualified for this country.
Only ever seen one building with integrated air con and that was a niek miens house.
Good luck mate but english teaching beckons methink.....
PS forget health and safety in cambodia,its criminal.Even multi nationals here take no responsibility for those scruffy khmers.

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marklatham wrote:
Too qualified for this country.

What absolute bullshit.

Emil.....with your experience your first contact should be Comin Khmer. They currently have an opening for M&E supervisors.

Best of luck,



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