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kindergarten job

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I'm working for the Westline School.
I think they need a kindergarten teacher. Depending on your experience etc, the school pays quite well, depending on what you negotiate.
The principal is really nice, and easy going.
The school is a teacher friendly, no-stress environment.
All the teachers working here really like it.
If you want to ask about employment, you can ask to meet the principal Mr. Bolene (Pronounced Bo-line).
The school is on the corner of St 122 and St 253.
It is a big green building.

You don't need certification, but of course it would get you a higher pay if you have it.


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Do you know if this job is still going?

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YES! But please call me asap to arrange an interview!

012 27 27 54.

We have to make a decision in the next few days. So please hurry!

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mindy wrote:

Do you know if this job is still going?
Whilst no qualifications are required, I think they might need someone who doesn't doze off randomly..............


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I have no connection with anyone called mindy,all claims thus have been wildly exaggerated zzzzz
sorry just dozed off for a minute,must go and have another nap....


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