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A couple Europeans moving to Cambodia, looking for work

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Hi Everyone,

Nina and I (my name is Marc ) are currently living in Brussels, Belgium and have decided to move to Cambodia. Nina is a journalist and I currently work in social media.

However I have been working in some way with film for the past 10 years (filing trivia and goofs on IMDB, writing movie reviews for magazines) and I am enamoured by the medium. My move to Cambodia revolves around making changes in life, and if fulfilling a dream of working fully in film is part of it, I would be delighted. Would anyone have any advice on how I could get into this line of work in Phnom Penh?.

Nina speaks French, English, German, and Luxembourgish, and is currently the Staff Editor for one of the biggest expat publications in Europe. She would most likely like to work for an English-written publication or in communications, most likely for the UN. She is also doing an MA in int politics with a focus on development policy and governance. so would be interested in research work as well, possibly on the Cham community.

If this info can help you help us go in the right direction, we would greatly appreciate your help. If you have any questions for us, please e-mail me!

We wish you a wonderful New Year (Western and Asian)!



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Hi there,
once you get here (if you're not already!) you'll soon make the contacts you need. It's a great place for networking. Until then:-
The Phnom Penh post is one of the 2 daily English language newspapers, the other being the Cambodia Daily. SE Asia Globe magazine is a monthly publication which sometimes look for free-lance journalists. Otherwise you can try some job postings on websites:- and www.

Good luck!

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Hi Marc and Nina;

Before you setting out looking fo job, you needed a place to stay. If you go looking for yourself, it become expensive, just becaue you are foreigner.

I am Vietnamese, staying in Camboia for almost 3 yrs, can help you find a cheap apartment, jut I did for a Mexican fellow. My mobile 097-800-8615 and my e-mail ; fernandezjose55 [at] gmail [dot] com


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Hallo Marc und Nina

Falls Eure Anfrage immer noch aktuell ist, dann meldet Euch doch bitte bei mir unter bedoenni [at] gmail [dot] com

Tropische Gruesse

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Ha ha, so did they make it to Cambodia?
2 years ago.


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