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Advertising on the Expat Advisory Services website

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I am sure by now you have heard of Expat Advisory Services (EAS). We are an online publication and advisory service showcasing life in Cambodia, Laos, South Korea and Vietnam. Our goal is to be a one stop information guide for expats and locals alike, outlining the comings and goings in these cities, and what general services are available.
Expats are renowned for traveling and the EAS website has become a valuable resource for finding restaurants, shopping, accommodation, and arts and entertainment events within the region. In the near future we plan to develop the website to encompass more cities and provide better services for new and current residents alike.
As with any publication, in order sustain our website and provide the best service possible, we rely on advertising revenues. We would like to tell you a little about our advertising services and encourage your business to advertise with us. Not only will you be increasing your profile among Expats in our current cities, but internationally as well. We are highly ranked on major search engines and our daily traffic currently stands at over 4300 page views /day(See the live stats) Try, we are confident that you will find our website when you search Expat services in Seoul, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City or Laos.

Our Advertising Services

Industry Exclusives

“Industry exclusive” advertising is available on the right column of the website. The buttons price is 150 Euros per month and is industry exclusive. We will only display One Hotel, One bank, One Airline, etc at a time. The button will appear on every page of the country site. In Cambodia this is currently estimated at over 300 pages and is expanding each week.
Below are some examples of our “Industry Exclusive” buttons:
Button sizes are 120 pixels X 80 pixels

Breaking this down, advertising on the EAS website becomes very economical. We believe in our product and the ability for your business to increase its advertising coverage substantially.
We also invite you to join our forums where you will find a wealth of information not only about our current cities but other cities within the region, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila. Furthermore, we encourage you to post information about your services on any of these forums free of charge.
We at Expat Advisory Services believe that your company should consider EAS for your advertising needs in the near future. For further information or to discuss how EAS can broaden the awareness of your business, please feel free to contact me, directly via this forum

Kind Regards,

Anthony Galloway
Founder and CEO
Expat Advisory Service
Cambodia - South Korea - Laos - Vietnam
+ 855 12 999 042

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Joined: 17-Dec-08
Posts: 2317

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