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Some advice if you run a coffee shop

By: Thomas Wanhoff Posted: January-05-2011 in
Coffee cup
Thomas Wanhoff

I am a bit addicted to coffee shops. The reason is that I like coffee and I like to sit in a Cafe. Since many coffee shops are offering Wifi, they became a workplace for me. What sometimes sucks is the management. You seldom see the owner or manager at the front desk, they leave all the work to the mostly untrained stuff. So some advice for coffee shop owners and managers:

1.) Your customers are important, not you and your balance sheets. If there is any trouble, get your ass off your office and assist your staff

2.) You are serving customers, but that doesn't mean you are not allowed to talk to them. Actually, most customers enjoy a little conversation when the come in a coffee shop, in particular if there is not much business.

3.) There NO VIP customers aka friends. Do not treat your friends better in front of other customers. They will understand that as they are not welcomed.

4.) A cafe latte is made of one espresso and milk foam, heated to about 70 degrees. It's is NOT a filtered coffee with some milk. (in particular not condensed milk)

5.) Explain staff that sleeping or browsing the internet in front of customers is not your understanding of how to to the job.

6.) 20 Degree is the common room temperature all over the world. People do not want to sit in a fridge (and you also save a lot of money if you keep the a/c in that range).


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