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PODCAST: Interview with Khmer American Spoken Word Artist Kosal Khiev

By: totallyrandomman Posted: October-28-2011 in
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totallyrandomman speaks to Performance Poet Kosal Khiev about his turbulent life, salvation through the spoken word and his plans for the future.

Born in a refugee camp on the Thai border, moved to California at the age of one, sucked into Californian gang culture in his teens, jailed for half his life for attempted murder, deported back to a country he can’t even remember; Kosal Khiev has certainly had an eventful life.

Now a Spoken Word Artist, he channels his many experiences into soaring performance poetry epics which he delivers with a rollercoaster, full classical orchestra of rhythm pause and crescendo.

Since his arrival in Phnom Penh he has worked as a projectionist at Legend Cinema, spoken at the Royal University of Cambodia about the American Penal System as viewed from the inside, spoken at TEDx Phnom Penh, and performed his works at NERD Night and Body Poetry amongst other events. He is currently working with Studio Revolt on a series of video projects.


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