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Music scene opens up to next generation of listeners

By: Totallyrandomman Posted: January-28-2012 in

Family friendly gigs “a big part of cultural education”, says host

Finding something to keep the kids entertained in a concrete jungle such as Phnom Penh can prove challenging. It’s precisely this that prompted Philippe, of Le Jardin, to organise an unprecedented series of ‘family friendly gigs’.
Having noticed that most music events in the capital were slated for late-night time slots and in adult-only venues, Philippe vowed to plug this yawning chasm in kids’ access to live music – “such a big part of cultural education,” he says. Now, once a month, Le Jardin opens its doors to all to enjoy live sessions of good, clean tunes.

The Sunday Family Sessions are staged in a sprawling outdoor space replete with children’s play area and cool, shady spots in which grown-ups can enjoy a quiet glass or two. The next session is scheduled for January 29, when Kheltica will deliver lively folk songs inspired by the best traditions from France and the UK. Fiddle, bagpipes, mandolin and whistle are on standby for your delight and delectation.

And you’ll be invited to join in with some Bretagne dancing, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. The pro-family theme seems to be catching on elsewhere: Gasolina has recently launched its own child-friendly music spot, Mr Andy, a four-piece band and the brainchild of one Andy Hawkings (no relation to Professor Stephen Hawkings, we assume), plays a set there tailored specifically to little ones.

As musical experiences go, this one’s fully interactive: the fortnightly event, held every other Saturday, includes several ‘call-and-response’ songs and plenty of opportunities to get up and shake your thang, much to the embarrassment of your offspring. Original material is composed with the children’s help in what he calls “collective song-writing”, where- by the kids suggest the lyrics and then everyone in the audience gets to sing along.

Kheltica will play the Sunday Family Session at Le Jardin (#16, Street 356) on Sunday January 29 at 5pm, free entry.


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