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More Siem Reap graffiti art

By: Diana Saw Posted: July-04-2010 in
Diana Saw

Almost 2 years ago I wrote about graffiti art appearing in Siem Reap. This was the first that I noticed. Since then, they have been popping up everywhere. I like the colours and think they brighten up the place. I have been trying to find them all. This one is on Sivatha, near the florist (there is only one).

(After I posted this entry on my blog, an expat friend wrote to say there is nothing like this in Phnom Penh. Perhaps because Phnom Penh is a city and bustling all the time, artists do not have a chance to spray paint property without getting caught. Still, I'm sure there will is graffiti art in Phnom Penh, we just have to look harder.)

This one is just opposite Pub Street in the old market area, just round the corner from the U-Care pharmacy.

This is in The Lane, behind Pub Street. It says "Thank You (aur kun) Siem Reap" 

The names are Sopheara (Khmer), Taz and Kathrine (not Khmer). I guess this was a Cambodian-Western collaboration. Aw-koon guys/gals ! Smile

Then there was this...

some children's drawing on a wall next to this altar, which I found funny, lol.


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