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Angkor Night Market

By: Expat Advisory Posted: January-01-2006 in
Expat Advisory

It's difficult to miss; a big neon sign marks the spot of one of Siem Reap's most happening afternoon and evening hotspots. Shaded from the heat of the sun, the Angkor Night Market, located just a few blocks from Bar Street, offers an array of wares that could not fail to please any shopper, as well as small eateries selling cold drinks and snacks for time outs.

After a day wandering in the heat of the temples, most exhausted tourists head to the night market to be pampered by a cool night breeze and a relaxed atmosphere world's apart from the crowded Psar Chas or Old Market.

With just over 100 stalls, the night market is quite small, but don't let size fool you - it offers all the souvenirs Cambodia is famous for, but usually at a much higher quality than found in other markets dotted around the country.

Be sure to search thoroughly as there are hidden gems such as the stalls that sell incredible paintings and a variety of handmade silk products. But not to worry, the hunt is not demanding; it is quite easy to find whatever you wish in this

Although the market caters mostly to tourists, the sellers working in the market refrain from hassling potential customers, opting to replace the demanding 'hey lady you wan buy scarf' with a friendly smile. Accepting that tourists enjoy shopping in peace, customers are encouraged to try on merchandise without having to buy. When you find the sought after souvenir or gift, do not be afraid of haggling - that is what the markets are for.

As the market only sells souvenirs, shoppers are spared the often repulsive smells of dried fish, meat and durians.

Located ideally in the night market is the Island Bar, a perfect tropical drinking hole that will quench a drained throat with drinks that are reasonably priced.

The night market is a truly pleasant experience, not to mention a great place to get the night started before heading to the oh-so-infamous Bar Street.


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