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Breakin' Beats and Boundaries: Khmer Hip Hop

By: Charlotte Lancaster Posted: February-13-2008 in
Charlotte Lancaster

Previously reserved for Khmer karaoke, the Cambodian music video is being reshaped, redefined and taken to new heights as DJ Cream seeks to create an international platform from which to launch the emerging voices of Cambodia.

Partying in Sihanoukville - Suasadei Chnam Thmei

By: Matthew Spriggs Posted: January-31-2008 in
Matthew Spriggs

In years gone by Sihanoukville was a quaint seaside getaway reserved more for seasoned expatriates than tourists. However, in recent years the town has blossomed into not only a traveler's haven but also a popular hangout for families. The birth of Sokha Beach Resort, the first Five-star resort in the area, has propelled Sihanoukville into a more contemporary town.

The Q-ba Rocks (and Rolls)!

By: Aaron Leverton Posted: January-01-2006 in
Aaron Leverton

"It's all about soul" Billy Joel sang on his 1993 album River of Dreams. Billy Joel may not be coming to Phnom Penh any time soon, but another Billy has brought soul to the Kingdom.

Billy Haynes is a big man with a big voice and since his arrival in Phnom Penh has given couple of sneak previews (one of them via satellite to the whole nation) of what it is he does and what he does is sing. Oh, and play the bass. Last night was his opening night at the Cambodiana Hotel's Q-ba and Billy doesn't just sing. He rocks.

Australia's best blues live at the FCC

By: The Wires Newsletter Posted: January-01-2006 in
The Wires Newsletter

Cambodia can brace itself for a jolt of world-class boogie when two of Australia's most acclaimed blues acts play Cambodia in December.

The Backsliders,Australia's award-winning, all-star blues ensemble, will make their Cambodian debut when the band plays the FCC Angkor on December 7 and December 8 at the FCC Phnom Penh.

In addition to the Backsliders' two shows, New Zealand singer-songwriting powerhouse Paul Ubana Jones will play four shows at the FCC in December. Jones will play the FCC Angkor on December 10 and 11, and the FCC Phnom Penh on December 14 and 15.

The Backsliders Speak

By: Aaron Leverton Posted: January-01-2006 in
Aaron Leverton

The Backsliders were in Cambodia for their first tour and they say they'll definitely be back. The day after their wildly successful Phnom Penh FCC gig, the Sydney-based roots-inspired blues trio took it easy. Drummer Rob Hirst and guitarist Dom Turner sat down at the scene of the previous night's triumph for a chat with EAS about blues, architecture and life after the Oils.


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