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PhotoPhnomPenh 4th edition - PhotoPhnomPenh 4ème édition

By: Expat Advisory Posted: November-14-2011 in
Expat Advisory

The Institut français of Cambodia is organizing from , the fourth edition of the Festival PhotoPhnomPenh.

8 Cambodian photographers and 16 international (France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Estonia, India, China, Korea) will present their latest work in nearly twenty places partners, while five thematic exhibitions provide a cross look on current and historic aspects of Cambodian culture.

The Symmetry of Seaweed - An Interview with Photographer Jenny Ng

By: totallyrandomman Posted: September-12-2011 in

Malaysian-born photographer Jenny Ng talks about her upcoming first exhibition of works at The 240 Gallery.

How did you get into photography?

I bought my first camera in 2003, but I was working as an accountant until 2009, so it’s only been in the last few years that it has become serious.

What made you switch from accountancy to photography?

Managing a team of 60 people is very tiring work. I was stressed and exhausted and decided I needed to take time off. While I was resting, I began to realise that my passion, taking photographs, could be my work too.

Free theatre performance: Speak Truth To Power

By: Meta House Posted: September-12-2011 in
Meta House

CIVICUS: Center for Cambodia Civic Education s the partner of the Speak Truth To Power (“STTP”) project of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (“RFK Center”) in Washington, D.C. Taking cue from the Italians, the STTP is translated as Courage Without Borders into Khmer.

Kerry Kennedy, the president of the RFK Center, visited Cambodia with her daughter Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo and STTP director John Heffernan in February 2011 and joined CIVICUS Cambodia president Theary Seng to launch the STTP program the during two-day events at Pannasastra University.

Contemporary art inbetween two worlds: “Global hybrid 1+2” opens at meta house

By: Expat Advisory Posted: July-11-2011 in
Expat Advisory

Contemporary art inbetween two worlds: “Global hybrid 1+2” opens at meta house

As part of Global Hybrid’s ongoing collaboration with Meta House (#37, Sothearos Blvd.), the American artist and curator Denise Scott is opening the exhibition “Global Hybrid: 1+2” on Thursday, 14th July, 6PM

The Vultures: US artist Kathleen Griffin exhibits at Meta House

By: Meta House Posted: June-16-2011 in
Meta House

Between life and death there is a space, dividing the here and the next. In this margin is the habitat of the vulture, mourning the transition and holding the wake. He consumes both pain and disease, tearing the wound from the body. Taking in everything, braiding it into his own flesh, his own DNA. He gathers the last flavors of life, the first taste of death in his mouth. Carrying the creature across the space in his body, keeping it company as it faces the darkness.

Kathleen Griffin’s new series of drawings, “The Vultures”, is based on her time in Cambodia with scientist Yula Kapetanakos, whose research focuses on the conservation of Asian vultures.

The Sa Sa art gallery

By: David Holliday Posted: November-04-2010 in
David Holliday

The Sa Sa gallery is a tiny art space that is connected and supported by Baitong restaurant in three sixty street opposite the international school of Phnom Penh.

The gallery hosts a new exhibition every six weeks and has six founders all who have contributed a single digital photograph which has been printed and makes up the portfolio.

High Time to Revive Myanmar Puppet Tradition

By: Ei Thwe Posted: August-04-2010 in
Ei Thwe

History has many marvels up its sleeve. These marvels consist of traditions, monuments, culture and customs. Myanmar people too have been bestowed with numerous customs and traditions by their ancestors. Puppet art is one such tradition which was very famous in 17th and 18th century. During that time, puppets were not only used for entertainment purposes but also as a communication medium for the rural population. Puppeteers were nothing short of national heroes serving a public cause.

More Siem Reap graffiti art

By: Diana Saw Posted: July-04-2010 in
Diana Saw

Almost 2 years ago I wrote about graffiti art appearing in Siem Reap. This was the first that I noticed. Since then, they have been popping up everywhere. I like the colours and think they brighten up the place. I have been trying to find them all. This one is on Sivatha, near the florist (there is only one).

The Feminine Mystique

By: The FCC Cambodia Posted: December-31-2009 in
The FCC Cambodia

At home in the foothills of Bokor Mountain, French artist Vincent Broustet surveys the lush contours that surround his stilted wooden home.

Enveloped by bright green rice fields, a river and the sea, the choice of abode seems a natural fit for the 47-year-old Bordeaux native, who spent four years in the deserts of southern Morocco before moving to the jungles of Southeast Asia.

"Cambodia still retains what I like," he says. "It's rough, it's in the countryside mainly, and it's still totally off the roads of fashion and 'global influence'."

An opportunity to absorb it all

By: Edan Corkill Posted: July-21-2009 in
Edan Corkill

Two young Cambodian artists make the most of their Tokyo Wonder Site residency

Tokyo's vast facade of concrete and steel is a long way from the dusty, tree-lined streets of Phnom Penh. The distance is obvious to anyone who has experienced both cities, but it seems particularly clear to two young Cambodian artists who are now participating in an artist-in-residence program at Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) in Aoyama.


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