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Perseverance: An Art Exhibit By Melissa DiVietri

By: Expat Admin Posted: February-21-2018 in
Expat Admin

"Perseverance" - Continuance in a state of grace to the end. from Melisa DiVietri
Exhibit starts on Wednesday Feb Feb 21 at in beautiful Bali. Perseverance is scheduled to runs for 2 - 3 weeks from the 21st, so you should get down there as soon as you can, or you are gonna miss out.
This is a special exhibition as I have been preparing insane abstract art paintings since Nov 2017, also flying pieces from Medellin while I stayed in Colombia. The artist reception will take place on Feb 21 from 6 to 9PM

Luang Prabang lights up for Southeast Asia’s premier film festival

By: Expat Admin Posted: December-09-2017 in
Expat Admin

Luang Prabang was lined in red carpet last night for the kickoff of the eighth Luang Prabang Film Festival.

Normally known as a sleepy town steeped in local tradition, a more cosmopolitan crowd descended upon Luang Prabang for the festival’s opening. Filmmakers from all across Southeast Asia and abroad have flocked to this UNESCO World Heritage site to celebrate Southeast Asian cinema for six days and nights.

Art Surgery, Saving the paintings of the Cambodian National Museum

By: WUPP Posted: August-22-2013 in

The Cambodian National Museum has only six of its twenty-one paintings on display. The rest, from the 19th and 20th century, are hidden in the storage room : some stained, torn, and warped by humidity; others burnt, with damaged borders and missing pigments.

Beauty and the beast

By: Hanna Sender Posted: April-06-2012 in
Hanna Sender

Sokuntevy Oeur’s new exhibition blurs the lines between beautiful and grotesque

For some artists, the right to pursue their creative passion is a right worth fighting for. Among them is Sokuntevy Oeur, who, as a young girl, first developed an interest in drawing while the Phare Ponleu Selpak arts school was being built behind her parents’ Battambang home. On finishing high school, Tevy immediately enrolled, but was forced by her mother and father a few years later to abandon her studies.

Of creativity and catharsis

By: The Advisor Posted: March-30-2012 in
The Advisor

Ragamuffins to benefit from art auction.

A white pigeon flutters free, liberated from its cage by a girl with long raven hair. A small boy wearing a blue and yellow baseball cap waves his arms in delight as a butterfly beats its wings in the wind.

A couple engage in a mock dog fight with a fleet of paper aeroplanes. Self-taught Indonesian painter Mohammad Toha Hasan, the man behind these rich, colour- saturated acrylic creations, is one of several artists whose work features in a silent art auction this week. Life Creative: The Meaning of Love is hosted by arts therapy organisation The Ragamuffin Project.

In Conversation with Lim Sokchanlina

By: Hannah Sender Posted: March-14-2012 in
Hannah Sender

Lim Sokchanlina has his audience sit in a 'pop-up' narrow corridor; pop-up because Sokchanlina created it in a room of Sa Sa Bassac using a brand new, racing green fence. Confronting this steel fence in the middle of the room establishes the emotions which are about to be questioned and transformed as the conversation between the artist and his audience develops.

Picking up the pieces

By: Roger Nelson Posted: March-08-2012 in
Roger Nelson

Full Circle is an unusual artwork: a durational performance piece which will challenge and transfix both artist and audience. For six consecutive days, Amy Lee Sanford will sit amid a circle of 40 Kompong Chhang clay pots. Slowly and deliberately, she will break one pot by dropping it on the floor. She will then gather the pieces and meticulously glue the pot back together, binding the fragments with string and returning the remade pot to the circle. Over six days, all 40 pots will be broken and remade in this way.

A very dangerous holiday in Cambodia

By: Robert Starkweather Posted: February-11-2012 in
Robert Starkweather

In December 1978, under the spectre of an imminent Vietnamese military invasion, the ultra-secretive Khmer Rouge leadership did something fantastically out of character - it cracked the curtains ever so slightly and let three foreigners inside. Only two would leave alive.

An artist rises from the ashes

By: Totallyrandomman Posted: February-03-2012 in

Srey Bandaul has come a long way since he first picked up a paint brush at the SiteTwo Refugee camp on the Thai border. Spooked by personal experience of fleeing the murderous Khmer Rouge, the 38-year-old has turned memories of a traumatic past into a promising artistic future.

Christie’s to hold first art auction in Cambodia

By: Totallyrandomman Posted: February-03-2012 in

One of the world’s most esteemed auction houses is poised to stage its first ever event in Cambodia.
Christie’s, founded in London in 1766, is synonymous with fine art and today boasts offices around the world, including in London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Hong Kong.


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