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Bahasa Indonesia

Rahdian Saepuloh

The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia (literally, “the language of Indonesia”). It is the language that unifies the world’s fourth most populous country – a country comprised of 18,000 islands and inhabited by 350 ethnic groups speaking 750 native languages and dialects. Bahasa Indonesia, a standardised version of Malay, is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin, English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic).

Torajaland: Bringing the World of the Dead to Life

Jay Tindall

In the film Gladiator, Russell Crowe, playing a Roman General, is told, “Death smiles at us all … all we can do is smile back.” Truer words were never spoken in relation to Torajaland, a unique outpost amid the thousands of islands comprising Indonesia. Several elements make Torajaland stand out for those interested in overseas adventure. There’s the unique Torajan architecture. The inhabitants were former headhunters. The Dutch tried to conquer this area and only did so through the spread of Christianity. It is also famous for being a region where outstanding coffee is produced.

Sovan Kiry bags Cambodia's Record 4th Gold in SEA games

Gabriel KEN

The Day was Sunday, to many it was like a normal day. The date was 20-11-2011, not many people took note of it, but to one Sovan Kiry, Cambodia’s former Karate- do champion turned Shorinjo Kempo Athlete, it would turn out to be one of his most memorable days. It turned out to be a day Cambodia won her fourth Gold medal, a record since the Kingdom returned to the SEA games in 1995.

“I am so happy, today is a remarkable day in my live” Says 26 year old Sovan Kiry moments after the epic encounter with Lao PDR’s Khonesavann Sounda.

Cambodia's Medal haul dries out

Ken Gadaffi

Cambodia's medal haul experienced a drought on Friday as none of the competing sports could add to the medal Tally of the kingdom.

The sign started on Thursday when Cambodia’s medal charge brought only one silver from judo through Khoam Ratanamony who lost in the finals to Indonesia's Toni Irawan. In a sharp contrast, Petanque, wrestling and boxing combined to bring in three bronze finishes for the Kingdom as the 26th SEA Games entered its second week in Indonesia.

Cambodia seeks to eclipse last years SEA games medal tally

Ken Gadaffi

Cambodia,s hope of surpassing the 40 medal haul of the last SEA game is in the balance following a disappointing finish to day 7 events at the 26th SEA games in Jakarta and Palembang. With 3 boxers in the semi finals yesterday, team Cambodia looked certain to progress into the final but all three boxers were dealt great blow as they lost to their opponents in Palembang.

Svay Ratha and Choun Sok leng were both beaten by Indonesian Opponents, while France based Hout Samath found his vietnamese counterpart too strong to contend with. All three Boxers will now settle for bronze.

Cambodia Flops in Basketball, Volleyball and Athletics

Ken Gadaffi

Just like the Cambodian Football Team to the 26th SEA Games, Cambodia's Volleyball and Basketball teams have failed to inspire at the Games.

The Football team lost all three group A Matches and have since returned to Cambodia, The Volleyball and basketball teams are set to follow suit this weekend after failing to win any games in the on going SEA games.

Cambodia hit three Gold

Ken Gadaffi

Cambodia's Gold haul hit Three to equal the number of Gold won in the 2009 SEA games to Increase the Kingdom's medal Tally on the 6th day of competition following brilliant performance by the Vovinam Athletes winning one gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze on Wednesday at the SUNTER SPORT CENTER, Jakarta. The Quartet of fighter Ly Boramy, Prak Vanny, San Socheat and Pal Chhoraksmy won the Gold scoring 276 points to beat Vietnam and Indonesia in the Women's Multi Weapon - Mixed to add to the Gold won by My Boramy earlier on Monday.

Mixed Results for Cambodia in day 2 of SEA Games

Ken Gadaffi

As the 26th SEA games entered its second day of events, Cambodia's athletes made a bright start to their campaign both at the Palembang and Jakarta Centers. Apart from the little blemish from the Football team that saw their campaign finally come to a halt with a 4-1 spanking in the hands of reigning champions Malaysia and A 3-0 whitewash of the Volleyball team by Host Indonesia, the Second day of events looked promising with Athletes in Table tennis, Tennis and Pentaque coming up with some spectacular results and making progress towards the medal zones.

SEA GAMES 2011: Cambodia out of contention, takes on Malaysia for pride

Ken Gadaffi

Cambodia are out of contention for this year’s SEA Games honours following three straight defeats against ASEAN heavyweights which unfortunately, they had drawn in Group A of the biennial championship this year.

And Friday Night rounded off what had been a generally disappointing outing for Lee Tae Hoon and his men even though the Cambodians still have the game against Malaysia to play for today.

Team Cambodia Charges on at SEA games

Ken Gadaffi

Cambodia will today look to better her performance in the ongoing 26th SEA games as more athletes take to the field. In the first day of activities yesterday, Cambodia returned with only one bronze won by Seavmey Sorn in the women Under 62kg Taekwondo. Other athletes in Swimming, Athletics and Badminton fell by the way side.


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