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The misconception of travelers

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Traveling also means you will have more knowledge about different cultures as well as adapt to unique characteristics. Here are something people need to keep in mind when traveling:

1. New Yorkers are always busy
New York is not a country, but it is a fairly large tourist attraction that you still need guidance to go. The New York are not rude, they are just too busy so feel free to ask them the way. Also remember in New York only two seasons are extremely hot and extremely cold to choose the right time to experience the city.

2. Talking involves in drugs in Colombia
First thing is the name of the country, Colombia is more precisely then Columbia. If misspell it, people would disregard to you. In addition, the drug war, guerrilla warfare and Pablo Escobar (famous drug lords Colombians) are the topics tourists should not mention when talking in this country.

3. Request pronounce "about" in Canada
Canadians often pronounce "about" as "aboot" and makes the listener feel funny but in fact they did not intentionally make jokes. If you laugh, you will make them anger and completely should avoid forcing them to pronounce the word "about" when communicating.

4. Easily travel throughout Brazil
Brazil is a huge country, different from others European countries where you only need 2 hours travel by train is able to go everywhere. If you want to discover Brazil, book the air ticket while you are planning. You also should know: Brazilians do not speak Spanish, they speak Portuguese and do not use expensive phone on the road.

5. The Spanish take a snap everyday
If you go to Spain and think it only has lunch and Sangria - fruit cocktail, you're wrong. Remember that the beach in Spain is very hot in summer and quite cold when winter comes. Also not any Spanish people can dance Flamenco.

6. Ride the two floors bus tour service in the UK
Almost everyone has a common mistake when comes in London and it is better that you should not do. Price for the traveling tour bus is about 20 pounds. While using the normal two-floor bus you can also experience similarly but much cheaper.

7. Talk frankly with older people in South Korea
You are trying to learn a few Korean words, the most important thing is to add the word "yo" at the end of sentences when talking to older people. Respect for elders is a very significant part of Korean culture. If talking in the same way as everyone you will be considered as a rude person.

8. Call a burrito cake in Mexico
Burrito (corn flour cake) actually is no longer popular in Mexico. Instead Mexicans eat tacos, tortilla shell cakes (flat bread made from cornmeal or flour).

9. Drink unlimited beers in Germany
Only a few people can come to drink beer and still awake at Oktoberfest office because a lot of tourists often get unconscious drunk on the road.

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