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Two Suns players detained in Thailand

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Gold Coast Suns AFL vice-captain Campbell Brown and his young teammate Maverick Weller were detained by police in Thailand after allegedly being involved in a punch-up.

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The pair were allegedly involved in a scuffle with at least two other people on the island of Ko Phangan, The Australian newspaper reported.

An off-duty policeman and an Australian tourist were reportedly involved in the fight, with punches being thrown.

The Suns told the newspaper on Wednesday that the pair were held in custody for about two hours but that no charges had been laid.

A Gold Coast spokesman said that he believed Brown had gone to the assistance of Weller, who was allegedly provoked by a tourist, believed to be from Western Australia.
The Suns released a statement this morning confirming they would investigate the matter.

“The club will discuss the incident with the players concerned when they return from their holiday, where it will be determined if the players have failed to meet the club’s expectations,” the club said.

“As per club policy, the players notified the club of the incident immediately.

"Preliminary investigations indicate that Thai authorities have dealt with the matter and no further action was necessary, however the Gold Coast Suns have high expectations when it comes to player behaviour.

“The club is not in a position to make any further comment.”

Weller Tweeted on September 10 that he was, "Off to Thailand with the boys!!"

Two days later, he wrote: "koh phangan fullmoonparty."



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