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Teaching Vacancies with a September start

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School Overview
Footprints School is a small, developing school aimed at providing affordable and quality education to Khmer and expat families in Phnom Penh. It has a small, friendly teaching staff, approximately 450 students among its three locations, and teaches an international standard curriculum in English. Footprints School teaches grades Nursery-Grade 5, with one grade being added on each year. The school year runs from September to July. Starting from September 2012, Footprints will be accepting accepts students from Nursery-Grade 6.
As a school, Footprints is quite compact, which means that teachers need to work together and interact with each other often throughout the day. This helps forms friendships and relationships among the teachers, and many choose to do combined sporting or reading activities with other classes to complement their classroom lessons.

Footprints is also an extremely cross-cultural environment. While the majority of students are Khmer, we do have students from other nationalities attending, and this creates opportunities for learning not only in the classroom, but also on a personal level. Working at Footprints provides an amazing opportunity for teachers to learn more about themselves, to gain a greater understanding of the concept of “culture”, and to broaden their perspectives on almost everything.

Overall, Footprints is a fun, flexible teaching environment, where teachers are encouraged to bring themselves to their classroom, and to return back to the heart of the teaching profession. It is a school which cares about its students on an individual level, and its teachers on a personal level.


Various teaching positions for the 2012-2013 academic year (nursery – grade 6)

Positions are open until filled and start September 1, 2012

All campuses:
Tumnub Teuk (main campus)
Toul Kork (second campus)

Part time and full time positions are available

-- Teacher - Grade school --
• All daily responsibilities of regular classroom teaching specific to appropriate grade
• Teach provided curriculum
• 3 Parent-teacher conferences/year
• Planning, preparation, reporting of student learning
• Supervision and support of students
• Other tasks relevant to a general elementary teacher position

• English as a first language OR excellent, grammatically correct, fluent English language skill
• Bachelors of Education / Bachelors of Teaching / Early Childhood Qualification (or other internationally recognised, relevant qualification)
• Teacher registration in home country preferred
• Prior experience in either elementary or preschool preferred, but senior school teachers wishing to work in elementary are also encouraged to apply
• Strong flexibility, creativity, problem solving skills essential
• Understanding of child development and it’s relevance in education
• Excellent interpersonal skills essential, as it is a small teaching team

Application Information
Send CV with cover letter and photo to Lisa Biasillo via email: lisabiasillo [at] gmail [dot] com

Contact Details
Name : Footprints School
Lisa Biasillo

Email : lisabiasillo [at] gmail [dot] com


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