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Agronomy-Ecology Engineer looking for a position in Cambodia

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Hi everybody,

my name is Benjamin, I'm French and I came back to Cambodia 5 months ago in order to work here. I graduated as an Agronomy-Ecology engineer last October, and I already worked in Tonle Sap Authority in Cambodia during one year and a half, in the fields of forestry and biodiversity conservation + agronomy. I can speak Khmer to an intermediate level, fluent english and good german (I don't think it is very useful here...+ french of course). So far I am unable to find anything but I am really motivated to stay in Cambodia, so if anybody is interested with my profile or knows any society which could be interested, please just feel free to contact me anytime. I can transmit my CV, a cover letter and any needed document on demand.
I can work on any of the following fields: agriculture, agronomy, natural resources management (water, forest...), biodiversity conservation, GIS (related to these thematics), energy (solar, biofuels, biogas...), climate change...

Thank you all for forwarding my request and for your help!

All the best,



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