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Phnom Penh Meditation


#1001, A105, Camko City, Phnom Penh

Tel 1: 023870045
Tel 2: 012207104
Tel 3:

MEDITATION, Joyful Training of the Mind and Heart!
Meditation is good so it has become the new trend. Phnom Penh Meditation center offers a comfortable environment for you to meditate.

Phnom Penh Meditation is self-reflection Meditation. When you reflect on yourself, you can better know yourself and get a clear idea of where you want to be. As a result, you can start taking real steps towards achieving your goals, tapping into your unrealized potential.

Proper posture and technique are important for effective exercise. Likewise, a structured program and method is important for your mind and heart. Let us be your heart's personal trainer.

We really look forward to meeting you and can’t wait to help you get started on living a life of ultimate happiness, joy, and success.

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