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Review: Lao Roast Coffee

By: Thomas Wanhoff Posted: January-06-2011 in
Coffee shop
Thomas Wanhoff

Lao Roast Coffee (no idea who chose the name) is a tiny little jewel not far from the riverside at Rue Manthatourath. With a small garden in front (including a basic swing on a tree for the kids) and a contemporary design inside, it is a perfect place to rest, read a book or chat with a friend. The shop serves homemade roasted Lao coffee for a reasonable price (12.000 KIP). Note that what they call "drip coffee" is a "filter coffee", not the Vietnamese drip style. You can also buy coffee there.
Part of the coffee shop is also a shop that sells handmade fabrics from Laos ethnic minorities, like the Tai Dam and the Lanten. Lanten people grow, spin and weave cotton, and they also grow indigo to dye the fabric. It takes around 2 months to get the black color. Everything that's sold in the shop is sewn by hand as well. The fabric keeps you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. Available are: scarfs; bags; table mats; book covers, etc.

Only downside is the price: A book cover is around 70.000 KIP; nearly 10 US dollars. I cannot see that much value in the product. It seems to me, a bit like someone is asking for a higher price just because it supports an ethnic minority. For me, that is a reason NOT to buy. If they make a good product, okay, I buy it. But just because they are a minority? Nope.

But since the place is quiet, the stuff is friendly and the coffee is tasty, I recommend it for a visit.

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