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  • Taylor & Khoo - a social cause in action

    Andy Brouwer

    If you've visited my website, you'll know that I've been a friend of the Sunrise Children's Village for many years. Its a fantastic orphanage located outside Phnom Penh and is the result of the incredible dedication to Cambodia's orphans by the larger-than-life character Geraldine Cox. Find out more here.

  • From battlefield to sport arena: the rebirth of bokator

    Cat Barton

    Experts of the ancient martial art of bokator competed in the first modern championship last month.

    Grand Master San Kim Sean conjures up images of King Jayavarman VII, the Buddhist ruler who united a war-torn Cambodia in the 12th century.

    Sean says Jayavarman was an expert of the ancient Khmer martial art of bokator, and like Jayavarman, he is using bokator to make Cambodia great.

  • 'Best Short' Winner Greg Cahill

    Expat Advisory

    Expat Advisory Services talks with Greg Cahill, the proud recipient of Cambofest's Krabey Meas (Golden Water Buffalo) award for 'Best Short', which he won for 'Samleng Meas', The Golden Voice.
    Can you tell us about your background in film prior to this particular feature?


    Expat Advisory

    It's like walking on eggshells - the debate continues in the Cambodia Daily letters pages about loudspeaker-equipped egg vending carts. Are they too loud? Are foreigners too sensitive? Just what kinds of eggs are being sold anyway?

    Expat-Advisory's intrepid Investigative Team hit the streets to get some perspective straight from the source.

    What is your name?


    What do they call this kind of egg?

    'Pong Mouen Ang Psoum Kreung Piseh' [Grilled chicken egg with special ingredients.]

    How long have you been selling eggs?

    One year.

    How much does one egg cost?

  • Pimping for Pigs

    Bronwyn Sloan

    Most 25-year-old guys are dreaming about girls. Sang Narith spends most of his life pondering the sex life of pigs. Narith is a Ba Chrout - the Cambodian name for the man who accompanies a boar while he services a female pig.

    For between $30 to $50 dollars a month, Narith is his boars' nurse, their companion, their sexual therapist and their confidant. He currently looks after five mature males and guides them on their amorous adventures around the Kien Svay district just outside Phnom Penh.


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