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Factory Opens on Bao Khanh

By: The Word Hanoi Posted: November-08-2010 in
The Word Hanoi

“Workers of The World, Unite” reads the red banner in four languages at the entrance to Factory. And while this extravagant but surprisingly tasteful addition to Hanoi’s former Pub Street is hardly a working man’s bar, the labour, socialist theme runs through the whole space.

Set above street level over what seems to be countless floors of bar and seating areas, the stand-out design of this eye-opening new venue is not the occasional factory-like cog or machine gimmick but more the fantastic, gargantuan man-and-the-machine artwork adorning the bare-brick walls. The work of artist and part owner Le Quang Ha, headless statues, a concrete and empty wine bottle bar and stage, cheesy music and an upstairs sheesha lounge and terrace make up the mix.

How Factory will fare, though, is a different prospect. Its unrelated but equally impressive namesake in Saigon is a nightly live music bar that reverts to DJs later in the night. The theme is solid. The music is constant and good quality. The service is top-notch. The place is constantly packed. Here the focus is quite obviously on the growing class of arty, Vietnamese living in this city. Give them live music, art, installations, a place to meet and discuss worldly ideas and new concepts. It’s a great idea, but whether it will get bums on seats has yet to be seen.

Factory is definitely worth a look and for the sake of having good quality, reasonably priced bars in Hanoi, is in need of people’s support. Let’s see how the owners and management try to get it off the ground.

Republished with the Kind Permission of Word HCMC


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