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Everything is coming up Rosés

By: Darren Gall Posted: November-07-2013 in
Darren Gall

I’m calling it; Rosé wines are now officially trendy in Phnom Penh, the drink de rigueur for fashionistas, theatre goers and pretty young things.

Moscato Magic

By: Darren Gall Posted: August-11-2013 in
Darren Gall

Light, playful, soft and all tingly on your tongue, moscato wine is like a refreshing, delightful little spa for your palate and a sure way to inject in the fun.

Wine into Water

By: Darren Gall Posted: October-04-2011 in
Darren Gall

Ronald Brown is the owner of the remarkably overachieving Barossa Valley winery Maverick, in South Australia. The winery is aptly named, Brown is every bit the Maverick.

Described by eminent Australian wine writer James Halliday as a ‘Wily Old Fox’, James then promptly awarded Maverick with the highest possible rating of five stars in his annual Australian Wine Companion. Halliday scored an incredible eight Maverick wines at 90/100 points or higher, four of them at over 95/100, Brown’s Maverick genie is definitely out of the bottle!

Everything is coming up Roses

By: Darren Gall Posted: May-28-2011 in
Darren Gall

I’m calling it...
Rosé wines are now officially trendy in Phnom Penh, the drink de rigueur for fashionistas, theatre goers and pretty young things.

I know this, because rosé here is no longer merely a single entry on a handful of wine lists, it is on virtually every wine list in town, many are listing several and more than a few are offering it by the glass. Early in the New Year, more than one restaurant informed me that they were out of rosé because their supplier had run out, conversely, right now the city seems awash in new brands from obviously rushed in new shipments. It seems Phnom Penh’s imbibers want to look at life through the bottom of Rosé coloured wine glasses.

Review: Villa Antinori Toscana

By: The Warehouse Posted: January-04-2011 in
The Warehouse

Antinori has produced Chianti Classico, one of the most widely known wines in the world, for centuries. This particular wine was introduced in 1928 by Niccolo, Piero Antinori's father, as the first Chianti produced specifically to improve with age. Villa Antinori Riserva, which has become the bench-mark for Chianti Classico Riserva, is only produced in good vintage years. The wine's label, which had remained unchanged since 1928, was slightly restyled with the 1990 vintage.

Phnom Penh by the Glass

By: Darren Gall Posted: March-01-2010 in
Darren Gall

I tend to navigate my way around Phnom Penh by my favourite glasses of wine -not a simple matter of where I can get a decent glass at a reasonable price mind you- but places where I can take refuge from the chaos .
These establishments have to be places that have a certain atmosphere, an ambiance that I warm to, places that make me thank the gods that I am alive and well and living in Cambodia, where the food is as good as the food choices and the wines are plentiful and generally inexpensive.


By: Darren Gall Posted: November-19-2009 in
Darren Gall


Cabernet Sauvignon is arguably the most famous and widely planted red wine grape variety in the world, bringing prominence to regions from Bordeaux in France to the Napa Valley in California, Coonawarra and Margaret River in Australia, Chile, South Africa even Tuscany Italy, where it helped establish the ‘Super Tuscans’ when blended with the local Sangiovese.

Top of the list

By: Darren Gall Posted: September-20-2009 in
Darren Gall

One of Hanoi’s favourite and finest Restaurants, the Vine Wine Bar has just been awarded its fifth consecutive ‘Best of’ Award of Excellence by the Internationally renowned U.S. wine magazine, the Wine Spectator. This award recognizes Vine’s wine list as being one of the finest restaurant wine list in all the world.

How Green is my Wine ?

By: Darren Gall Posted: August-21-2009 in
Darren Gall

For many of us, our first notion of ‘Green Wine’ was the ubiquitous Portuguese wine, Vino Verdhi, which literally translates to ‘Green Wine’.

The term green wine was seen until very recently as an insult, commonly a reference to unripe fruit and the unpleasant, vegetal and acidic wines such fruit produces.

Travels on my stomach

By: Darren Gall Posted: August-20-2009 in
Darren Gall

Travels on my stomach –Wine and Food Journeys

The Little Valley of McLaren Vale some 40 kilometers south of the South Australian Capital Adelaide is one of the most picturesque and beautiful wine regions in the world, with a rich history of grape growing, produce farming and food culture.

The vale is bordered on the east by rolling hills that form the southern tail of the Mt. Lofty ranges and on the west by the pristine beaches of the Gulf of St. Vincent -who just happens to be the patron saint of wine. In between you will find vineyards, olive groves, almond groves, fromageries, organic produce stalls, bakeries, chocolatiers, restaurants and old fashioned country pubs –all positively reveling in the individual qualities of their local produce.


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