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Announcing & Call for Entries: BANGKOK INDIEFEST!

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BANGKOK INDIEFEST now launches with a Call for Entries for international and local Thai independent movies -

Ever since the Lumiere brothers toured Southeast Asia in 1894 and stopped in Bangkok to exhibit their "wonderful Parisian cinematograph" on June 9, 1897, Thai cinema and film culture has been continuously evolving. Today, Thailand boasts some of the most creative filmmaking talents in the world, and Bangkok is an undisputed regional nexus for moviegoers and moviemaking of all kinds.

Bangkok IndieFest was created to offer a cross-cultural global cinematic showcase of the latest Thai and international independent films and videos in a unique and synergistic festival forum.


Features * Documentaries * Animation * Underground Cinema and Midnight Movies * Mockumentaries and Fake Documentaries * Edutainment and Social Issue * Thai and SE Asian Films * & More!

We are:

* 100% copyright-friendly
* All Screeners Are Safely Archived
* No Unauthorized Screening or Duplication

Find out more or submit a film to the 2010 Edition, taking place June 4-6, at:



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