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The KINDLE goes International!

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Greetings all- I was thrilled to see the announcement that the Kindle is going International. Couple highlights of the upgrade:

1.) AT&T is supporting wireless downloads for the Kindle in 100 new countries.
2.) Lonely Planet guides will now be available for download on the Kindle (not previously available)
3.) The cost for the international edition will be $280, a price cut from $300.
4.) The non-international version dropped to $260 (a $40 price cut from the current price, nearly $100 off from when it was originally released)

Click here to read the rest of the WIRED article:

I've had my Kindle for 4 months now and it has made my expat life SOOO much easier. Here's my review of it on my blog: The only negative used to be the problems with it working overseas. Now that the issue is resolved, there really is no excuse for why you shouldn't have one!


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