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Dog boarding in Vientiane

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Thanks to Trevor, Vientiane now has a place where you can drop you dogs when you are on a trip to Luang Prabang or even go home for the holidays. We tested it, and it is good. Trevor, the owner, is also running the horse riding business at Khouvieng Road, so it is obvious he loves animals.

During their stay, the dogs are allowed to walk free in the premise, what is secured though 2 meter walls and a gate. They can play with other dogs if they want. Before the dogs are allowed to come in, you have to go through an interview about vaccinations, behaviour and special needs of the dogs. Price is about 10 USD/day, what is not cheap, but we felt our two dogs were in good hands.

If you like, call 020 77318454 or 020 55405004 for an inspection.


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