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Global Web-cam counseling available. Reasonable rates. Seoul

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Video counseling online is the most effective, state of the art online counseling medium available! From the privacy and convenience of your own home or office you can experience a live two-way audiovisual confidential therapy session. It is the most intimate e-therapy method available. Video counseling allows you to see and hear each other as if you were in the same room!
E-therapy video counseling has advantages and limitations. The advantage of video e-therapy is that it most clearly resembles a standard therapy session or doctors office visit. The experience is similar to going to a physicians or therapists office except the drive is avoided. For many potential clients this is important because of time or distance problems. People in rural areas have fewer health care options locally. This method of video counseling online and medical information increases your ability to access assistance and broadens your choices. Health care specialists that would not be otherwise available can now be included in your overall health care decisions.
It is the most private and intimate of all the video counseling online e-therapy mediums. This is often a concern to clients. Discussing personal problems can be difficult and some people experience embarrassment. Video e-therapy information retains the comfort and safety of your home and office with the ability to see, hear, and talk to your counselor just as if you were in their office. Video counseling online is 70,000 won per actual hour. (It's equivalent to $70 USD per hour.)
To schedule a video therapy session just send an E-mail to the therapist requesting an intake (assessment) session with your favorite chatting medium and PayPal or convenient banking information. A few minutes before your scheduled session go to the chatting medium of your preference (Skype, Yahoo, or Windows Live) and join your session. Thank you and remember there is hope. Yvon Malenfant M.Div. Inter-faith Pastoral Counselor
License not needed in the province of Ontario. harpoinseoul(at)yahoo(dot)com


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