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Looking for flatmate until at least end of Dec

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We've found a great flat that we really like, and we need 2 more people to move in there with us!

Its a 4 bedroom furnished flat on street 278 (but the non-Wat Langka end) and its comfortable, spacious, has a nice terrace, and 5 bathrooms. The people who are leaving are kindly leaving some of their plates and things, so its much easier to get set up if you're new in PP. The rooms are $175 each (unless we adjust it for different room sizes, but we can discuss that), plus bills on top, which are prob around $50 each.

We're 2 nice and fun girls, one french and one aussie. One of us is only here until early sept, and the other until late nov/early dec.

The thing is we haven't been able to secure the flat yet because it needs a 6 month lease signed, so we are looking for someone who is here at least that long and would be happy to sign the lease. we're both responsible girls and will of course take responsibility for replacing ourselves when we leave, and for whatever else might happen.

So we really need someone who can sign the lease before we can look for the 4th person, or else there's no place to move into! (Plus if you can sign then we can all look together for the 4th person).

Because its not secured yet we need to act quickly or someone else might take it, so please let us know ASAP if you're interested!

You can message me through here (pls give me your email), or can contact me on 017248229


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Im interested in learning more. Ive been searching for the right place for 3 weeks. I will be staying through the winter however i dont want to sign the lease. If u would like to discuss your flat w me please call 078974846. Im a nice guy from the U.S. im here to teach English and explore.

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Really interested too.

I Did send you an email.


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Hi ! I'm very interested as well. I'm a French student and I'm arriving in Phnom Penh on 19th of June and I'm staying six months. If a room is still available, I would like to visit it, if it's possible.
I don't have a cambodian number yet, but you can contact me via email : aissaoui.alison[at]gmail[dot]com
Thanks !

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I'm really interested as well. I'm arriving in end of July and will need a place to stay starting August for at least 6 months, so I can actually be the 4th roommate Smile

My email is: mokhtar[dot]kareem[at]gmail[dot]com


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