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SOS! Need a plumber urgently!

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just one hour ago my water faucet in the kitchen broke off.

A lot of water was flooding the floor. Now the water in the entire house is off, it's not possible to turn it off just in my flat.

I need a plumber tomorrow, but it's Sunday and Pchum Ben Day, so it won't be easy to find one.

Please, if you can help me or now somebody who can, than call me (098 446 552) or send me an email to simon [dot] toewe [at] yahoo [dot] de .

Thank you everybody!!

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You poor thing!
I need a plumber as well... Hopefully someone can give us a good contact ASAP!
Good luck!

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I could use one to! Let me know if you find one.


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If you are renting then that's the landlord's rap isn't it?

Define "broken off"....

I do my own plumbing here. Seems that plumbing is the hardest thing to get right...worst than the electrical work IMO.

Tool up and DIY!

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Too right. Even with just a very basic knowledge of plumbing/electrical/building concepts you're own work will outstrip that of 99% of local "tradesmen".

Get down to the market, buy some tools and get on google. All part of the fun of living here!

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What does "broken off" really mean?

There's broken and then there's "broken".....

How did you get on SimonT?

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Well there's a solution: call this French guy Guillaume who runs his one man SOS Dépannage.
He helped me out with plumbing and other works. Doesn't overcharge at all, does the job well and has attention to details. Tel: 097 533 2303


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