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Shipping from Cambodia

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Hello, when I left Cambodia to return to the UK, I had a nightmare finding a shipping company who would send my stuff as I wasn't affiliated with any organisation who would send it for me.

After a long search I found Crown Logistics based in Toul Kork.

First, they came to my house at Toul Sangke and give me a quotation. Next, they sent a crew to come and pack the boxes which they provided. Then they transported it all to their warehouse for crating. This was all done very professionally.

Before they crated it, they contacted me to tell me the exact size and price. As I said, I was paying this by myself. It was a bit more than I thought, so they allowed me to go to their warehouse and re-pack. I managed to remove some things and get it to fit in a crate I could afford.

They also provided insurance, customs clearance at both ends of the trip and delivery to my door in the UK.

Thinking back, I got a real bargain, and compared to the experience I had getting my stuff out to Cambodia with another company, dealing with Crown was so easy.

If you're looking for a shipping company I would definitely recommend Crown.

Kind regards, David Glassey.

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Crown are in the top tier of expensive!! shipping companies. There is a reason why they concentrate on catering to Embassies / NGO's and Artworks.. These customers pay the most.

I got rates from them and also other forwarders and Crowns were 2500.00 more expensive over the top.

Id rather that money in my pocket than theirs.


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Well they still do a good job. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys I think the saying goes. If you want quality anywhere in the world it costs. They moved a shipment from the UK here for me and were completely and utterly professional all the way. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

At the end of the day there is always the choice to be made I guess. To use or not to use that is the question.

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i guess a once off doesn't matter.
But we ship 3-4 container loads every month. Shipping costs can make or break our business. It makes up about 20 - 25% of our cost and we cannot compete for sales if we are paying hugely inflated shipping fees and charges.
When you are running a business here the cheapest option is the only option.. unless you want to go bust.

Shipping is not like buying a car... there is little difference between the cheapest and the expensive in terms of quality. And honestly nobody cares. What people want is the cheapest price with adequate service.

From a business perspective i would not touch them.

However If i wanted to ship some personal stuff once in a lifetime then maybe i would.


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