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Promoting Tai Chi Chuan in Cambodia

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Dear fellow Tai Chi Chuan enthusiast & purist,

I am Kenkiros, a professional Tai Chi Chuan purist instructor. I have set up Primordial Tai Chi Chuan Academy because of the passion i have in Tai Chi Chuan. I have been trained rigorously in Singapore, China and the United Kingdom by renowned skilled Grandmasters. Equipped with more than a decade of training experience, combined with many dedicated years of research in the internal aspects of Tai Chi Chuan, I am confident of giving appropriate guidance and instructions to help students obtain what others may or may not obtain in their own 10years of training.

Students studying under me would go through a very systematic learning structure, leading to a faster path towards the mastery of Tai Chi Chuan.

For the benefit of different users in Tai Chi Chuan, I will be separating classes for Health and for Combat.

Health class primarily focus on the relaxation of the entire body, mind and soul such as Meditations, QiGongs, and the Primordial Tai Chi Chuan form, resulting in great holistic benefits.

Combat class studies deeper into Tai Chi Chuan, by tapping on Body & Mind Mechanics, Chi flow, Physics, Focus, Reflexes, Sensing through several vigorously training which would definitely include the renowned Tai Chi Push Hands training method.
(***Note that Combat classes are more physically demanding and should not be taken up by anyone with major health problems)

Lessons would be conducted at my humble training house at BKK3(Very near to Flick 1) Address would be given when registration has been confirmed with me.

Year 2014 special Promotional Prices would be as follow:

Health Lesson: $10/hr
Combat Lesson: $15/hr
Private 1-1 Lesson: $30/hr
Private Small-Group 2-5 Lesson(Health): $40/hr
Private Small-Group 2-5 Lesson(Combat): $50/hr
To facilitate quality teaching, only a maximum of 5person can attend each class.

As for now, I will only be holding 2 sessions of lessons, 1 for Health and 1 for Combat every Sunday.

Timing is as follows: Health Class 7am to 8am
Combat Class 8am to 9am

All lessons would be conducted in English.
Please note that this would mean that I will only be accepting a maximum of 10 students for this in-take till further notice.
(Please check our academy facebook page at for more updates on slot vacancy)

I will start lesson as soon as I get 1 candidate, so early birds are heavily rewarded.

For any further enquires, please send them to masterkenkiros [at] primordialtaichi [dot] com or feel free to drop me a sms or call at 0777 11113.

I look forward to bringing out the best in you.

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