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Nuts, seeds and Super food

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Where can I find/buy nutritious nuts, seeds and superfood (e.g. chia seeds, quinoa) in Cambodia? Are there any shops which are selling them?

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Try Artillery.

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Regarding the Quinoa and Chia seeds I brought them to Cambodia from Canada. I have some and have been looking for these everywhere. Maybe I can get them in Vietnam which is close enough but not!

See you if you are in PP this week.

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Thai Hout has a good selection in the baking isle for nuts that haven't been roasted and drenched in sugar or salt and dried fruits that aren't covered in sugar (also the best value for money there). I've seen Chia seeds in there as well as in Bayon. If you want dates go to the markets. They have them often hanging in bags above the other fruits. Pretty good dates and cheap too, only $2.5 a kilo at my local market.
Quinoa has been hard to find but every now and again Thai Hout has a packet.


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