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New Saturday market opening in Sihanoukville

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Hey, this post to let you know about a new market opening on a small lake just off Otres beach in Sihanoukville. The market will be set up for locals, expats and also travelers who are interested in selling things like art, jewellery, clothing, food, handicrafts or basically anything other than 'same same' t-shirts.
The market won't be the typical market you've been to in this country, there will be live music, unique stalls (one is a 6 metre high working big ben), exhibitions, occasional performance's and other entertainment that comes our way. As with all good markets there will be good food and cold beer.

The idea is to give tourists and also the Phnom Pehn 'weekenders' something interesting to do here other than the just the normal sihanoukville thing and also maybe pick up something nice from one of the stalls.
The market will be promoted all over town here in Sihanoukville and also in some media in Phnom Pehn. There has already been good response from expats in the area. There are only 14 stalls left.

So if anyone is interested and would like to come and get involved, hang out and have some fun on Saturdays and either sell some stuff, display your art or play some music then get in contact with me and i'll happily email you some photos of the location and the stalls that are now almost finished being constructed.

The market is due to commence on the 1st of December and will run all through the high season, every Saturday from Midday until around 10pm

otres [dot] market [at] gmail [dot] com

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