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New born babies in Cambodia

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I have recently had a baby girl but my partner can not get a long term visa to stay with us, so we are thinking about moving to Cambodia until we can sort a visa out. My baby with be 4 months in a couple of weeks when I intend to come. I was just wondering what other people who have had babies in Cambodia and taken babies/ children to Cambodia, what advice they could give me? Are there lots of things to do with babies? What is the health care like for babies?

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We have a new born baby and most of the things you need to consider can be handled by the International Clinics. The downside to this is they are quite expensive. Some of the local clinics are also quite good but we prefer to take no risks with our son and use the international SOS clinic despite the cost.

There is also a question mark here over what would be needed and where to find it in the event of an emergency, so my advice would be make sure you have good insurance cover. Everything you need medically can also be done in Thailand which is an hour away on a plane, again expensive but the right insurance cover will assist with this.

The only other consideration in my mind is the heat and humidity which you need to be mindful of at all times with a newborn, again sensible precautions and common sense can over come this.

Before you arrive it would be wise to make sure baby has had all her injections and is up to date. The only one they recommend for Cambodia in addition to all the normal baby vacs is TB so it would be wise to have that done also before you arrive although it can be done here.

We are not having any issues with our newborn and if we did I am fairly confident we could overcome them with common sense and there would always be a cost consideration.

There is a part of the expat community here who are always whinging and whining about things (baby care and medical is one of them) but in my opinion they should not be here in the first instance. Common sense and a little forethought will get you through most things where the little lady is concerned.

I hope this helps a little and please feel free to ask more questions if you want.


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Thank you for your help Smile


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