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Lone Star Saloon 5th annual chili cookoff Sunday Sept. 22

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Hello all,

We will be hosting our 5th annual chili cookoff this Sunday at 3:00 pm at the Lone Star Saloon located at #30, St.23 in between St.154 and St.172 a block to the East of Norodom.

Any all types of chili are welcome to enter. If you want in, bring a pot of chili to the bar this Sunday. We will take all of the entries into the kitchen and reheat and serve them. We will have a panel of judges who will be served all of the entries at once and will score them. We will also hand out score cards to all present and they can sample the chilis one at a time as we bring them out and score for the people's choice winner.

The charge is 10.00 to show up and sample the chilis on offer.

If you bring a chili, you eat the others for free and also receive a free chili cookoff tee shirt.

First place: 100.00 bar tab
Second place: 50.00 bar tab

People's choice: 50.00 bar tab

The winner will also get his name on a plaque proclaiming him/her as the best chili in town that will hang forever at the Lone Star.

Hope to see you there for what is always our best party of the year!

I have possible entries so far from: Garage, Cali 2, Exchange, Rory's Pub.....and several individuals, so there should be some great chilis. Past experience has shown that any type of chili can win.

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