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holidays and house staff

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Hello everyone,
Hope all of you and your children have been keeping well.
We have got a full time house girl since last Oct. We will be
travelling a lot this year, like more than 3 months in total. I would
like to have her work for us once we are back. But do i need to pay
her for the months she is not working? If yes, how much of the
percentage of her full salary?
First time to experience this, any advise is appreciated.

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There's a really good cooking course run full or part time at the Garden Centre Cafe - when I sent my maid it cost 150 bucks and she came back very well trained and coulf go in the evenings. The recipes are in Khmer but titles and ingredients in english and khmer. The foods are basic but if you just want straight foward food it's good. I know about 6 or 7 familes whose staff have been on it and it's a success.


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