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best / nicest / biggest swimming pool in PP?

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Does anybody know a nice swimming pool in Phnom Penh to chill out at with a cocktail? Are there any of the fancy hotels that allow guests to use their pool if they consume something? If yes, any recommendations? Thanks!

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Intercontinental is nice. $8 to get in

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Head and Shoulders above them all by at least 2 stars IMHO: Le Royal.

$20 during the week, $25 at weekends. Don't have to order anything, if you don't want... complimentary smoothies are delivered throughout the day, along with cold face towels and fruit sticks.

(FYI Obama and co will be there sometime this week so no flipflops please)

Juliana has a nice pool surrounded by trees and plants ($10ish) . As does Sofitel ($15)
Himawari is also good value...Cambodiana's pool is v.small

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voted best pool in The Advisor's Best of

They have two pools one for guests only and one for the public

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so is that vote based on the public pool or the private one?

ah, the private one. hardly worth including it then really.


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