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Aussie NGO busts Aussie orphanage

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What is going on?
An Aussie NGO busting well meaning christian zealots, what about busting scheming, greedy Khmer orphanage owners?
And these Aussie owners are bloody Queenslanders, is it because they didnt go to the AFL grand final party?
Breathless intrepid Fairfax reporter Lindsay Murdoch seems to be taking all his copy from a SISHA press release.He claims that the orphanage is unlicenced, as most would be.
What corrupt body would run the licence scam? He also says that of the kids seized that the older ones would go into Khmer government care or foster care. Does this mean that older kids are sent to that notoriious rape camp down Highway 3?
Thats the awful place that UNHCR keeps funding to the tune of 500k a year- shame UN shame.
I notice that the Aussie owner, sorry founder of SISHA is nowhere in the news, slippery slippery.
Gina Rinehart is reputed to be a major donor of SISHA, she also helps a WA charity that supports the Lighthouse Orphanage across the river. Does it have a licence, I have been there in the past and it looks dodgy to me.

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Good to have you back Mr Latham - something does smell a tad fishy me thinks

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Very fishy admin, I know a lot about this particular case but cant talk on a public forum about it.

If SISHA are serious about the orphanage business in Cambodia they should start at the Khmer run ones, that should keep them busy for the next 5 years.

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Has anyone here worked for a licenced orphanage?
Which ministry wouldissue licences, do you think?
What sort of guidelines wouldhave to be followed.
Let me see...
All staff to have childcare qualifications and a police clearance.
At least one staff member tohave a first aid certificate.
All children to have ID and a next of kin to be notified in emergencies.
Minimum and maximum number of children allowed.
Premises to have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.
Hygiene standards in kitchens.
Meals to have a minimum kilojoule content.
This whole licencing thing is a crock obviously, in a corrupt country where anyone can be bought.
I remembef a SISHA chap posting here years ago when they first started, perhaps he could return and explain the licence system and where SISHA go from here.
I just hope the older kids from the christian place havent been sent to that awful UN funded government facility down highway 3.That indeed would be a crime.

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@Mark- A friend spent some time at Lighthouse Orphanage and said it was a scam.

Another buddy of mine was thinking of starting a NGO watchdog, but decided it would be way too dangerous.

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We went to lighthouse years ago and found out that there were two types of chickens! Apparently the kids were getting no protein, because there were no eggs despite there being about 50 chooks on site.I asked the dodgy manager where the eggs were.
He told me that there were chickens for eggs to eat and chickens for eggs with babies.
So where are the babies?
My dog ate them?
Obviously the staff were stealing the eggs.
And Gina is helping to fund this place?


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