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Anyone interested in playing netball?

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Joined: 28-Aug-08
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Hello All

I am part of mixed group that plays netball casually on a Wednesday night (6-7pm).

Is there anyone out there that would be interested in joining us?

For those of you who don't know what netball is, it is a British game that is played in most of the former UK colonised countries (Australia, NZ, pacific islands etc.) It is like basketball but you can't run with ball - if that makes sense!

Anyways we play at Hope School, in Toul Tom Poung - just south of Phnom Penh Sports Club.

Please PM if you are interested.

Thanks and regards


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Joined: 4-Mar-11
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I'd be interested in joining, although it's been a while since i played netball. My email is jorah7 [at] hotmail [dot] com
If you still have a spot open in you team let me know!

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Joined: 15-Jan-11
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Hi Justin,

I'm Ali- I am so happy to hear that netball is happeing in PP. I was there 2010/2011 and couldn't find anything. Anyway I'm coming back at the end of October and would love to play if there's space.

Can I get your email or something so I can get in contact with you when I get there? You can email me at alibarclay01 [at] gmail [dot] com if you like.



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Hi Justin,

I'd love to come to netball! I used to play with a mixed team in Melbourne all through university.

Can you msg me or email if it's ok to come along? For some reason I can't PM you... My email is t_lambourne [at] hotmail [dot] com



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anyone here who plays paintball instead of netball:)?? i play every saterday Smile

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Joined: 29-Sep-11
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Hi Justin,
I can't PM you but wondering if you still had room to come along on a Wednesday night? Sounds fun! My email is louisecbrown [at] gmail [dot] com

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Joined: 13-Oct-11
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hey all,

Im def up for playing netbal but i work weds and dont finish till 7.30pm. Do you play any other time or day??

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Sorry we only play on Wednesday at 6. Ever get off work early? If so send me your email address and I can add you to the list. Thanks. Justin

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HI there,

I'm interested in coming along to the netball sessions you run. I was wondering if there is still spaces on the teams?

Best wishes,


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Hi, I'd love to start netball again, although it's been a few years, can you email me if there is still room? angela [dot] simcox [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
Thanks, Angela

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Hi All
Netball is on again at HOPE international school street 271. We play on a Monday night for a 5.30pm start. Good to get there a bit earlier to warm up. Boys and girls welcome over 16yrs. $1.50 each and we play for an hour. If interested you can text me or just turn up.
Megan 088 593 1161.


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