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1:50,000 maps, looking for...

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L7016 series, 1:50,000. Been collecting these for a while now and have around 2/3 of the series.

I'd like to add them to the maps ebook, but don't want to publish a part series, so, does anyone have any of the maps not marked in green in the image below that I can borrow? I'm looking for scanned or high-res photo images and will return any materials borrowed.

Individual sheets are numbered in the upper right-hand corner, eg 6134 II L7016

If you have any of the missing sheets and would like to add to this collection, PM, leave a reply here, or contact at cambodiamaps(at)

I'd really like to make the whole of this series available with the ebook, but meanwhile if anyone would like any of the maps marked above, they're available for free, direct download at


To the poster with the maps and GIS dataset from the "other" forum, please contact me again...


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