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Good motorcycle helmet shops

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Joined: 8-Oct-12
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What are the best stores to get *good* motorcycle helmets that can actually protect your head from damage?

And of those stores, which has the largest selection to choose from?

Thanks a lot

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Joined: 17-Oct-12
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What's the prices and brands? Some photos pls?

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Joined: 16-Jan-11
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I have a good Italian Project helmet for sale, not sure there are any decent shops in PP to buy them. 013 240 445 if you are interested.

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Joined: 5-Nov-10
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Dearest jkim2124,

The Honda shop on Sihanouk west of Monivong sells proper helmets, as does the new KTM shop on st51. They're not cheap, but then neither is your head.

Yours Protectively



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